Vision and Values

Our vision is to establish a dominant presence at the forefront of our Industry for the provision of high grade Industrial Electrical Products and Services.  We aim to be sought out by and involved in keystone projects that span Western Australia because the quality outcomes we deliver are second to none.  We are committed to meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations and are driven to ensure our customers have the confidence to return to us with future works because they expect no less.  In the realisation of our vision we are dedicated to continuing to extend opportunities to our employees and increase our contribution and positive influence within our community.

The values we are governed by in the pursuit of our vision are based on what we believe to be core family values.  The following are our values and are considered non-negotiable:

  • That staff, suppliers, customers and others coming into contact with the business are treated with respect, understanding, empathy, honesty and courtesy.
  • That we are seen as the experts in our field, and go the extra mile to provide superior customer service.
  • That we provide excellent value for money in terms of affordability, efficiency, convenience and expertise.
  • That opportunities are created for employees to take initiative, share responsibility and extend their skills base.
  • That we acknowledge our company objectives are vitally important, however, they are not as important as family or associate’s families.
  • That we contribute directly to the local society by sharing profits in a formalised way.

Our values have been incorporated into our business and it’s certified Quality Management System to ensure presence and accountability thereto within all that we do.