PLC, SCADA, Interface and Network Programming

Overflow Industrial’s PLC and SCADA integration team has extensive experience developed across a range of industries, with particular detailed knowledge of our core Mining and Resource, Water, Power, Chemical and Manufacturing sectors.  Example applications include:

  • Water Treatment and Distribution
  • Waste Water Collection and Treatment
  • Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Tank and Pipeline Monitoring and Control
  • Control of Oil Production within Waste Oil Refining
  • Hydraulics and Machine Control
  • Industrial Processes (Continuous, Batch or Repetitive)
  • Materials Handling and Processing

A full range of services are offered with the majority of preferred systems including
Allen Bradley, Rockwell Automation, GE Fanuc, Clearscada, Siemens, Modicon, Horner OCS, Koyo and Miri systems.